Why would you seek for dietetic attention ?

Dietetic consultation is open to all patient, sent by a doctor or not.

When we think of the reasons why we might consult a dietitian, we most often think of weight loss. However, several other reasons may justify a consultation.

Nutritional education: rebalancing food intake and weight loss


Obesity / Overweight (child or adult)
Adopt eating habits adapted to your needs to improve your health, lose extra pounds, treat and alleviate associated pathologies (cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension arterial, cardiovascular disease); manage Eating Disorders/ overeating and bulimic behavior.


Hypercholesterolemia / Hypertriglyceridemia…
Assessment and correction of dietary errors​


Pregnancy / breastfeeding
Ensuring the nutritional needs of the mother and baby, manage the risks of foodborne infections.

Oncology – Nutrition & Cancer


  • Mechanisms of the relationship between diet and cancer
  • Nutritional management of the cancer patient: Nausea, vomiting (chemotherapy, etc.), constipation – diarrhea, edema, blood disorders
  • Undernutrition or excessive weight loss, change in taste perception
  • Increased hunger, weight gain linked to treatments (antidepressants, hormones, etc.)
  • Nutritional prevention of cancer



  • Chronic renal failure: relationship between diet and renal function; mechanisms of diet- sensitive metabolic abnormalities
  • Undernutrition and renal failure: treatment of chronic renal failure
  • Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and nephrotic syndrome
  • Kidney transplantation: actions in the postoperative phase and stabilization phase
  • Renal lithiasis: dietary recommendations according to the type of lithiasis



  • Management of clinical manifestations of atheroma and dyslipidemia
  • Reduction of cardiovascular risk, treatment of hypertension and cholesterol control
  • Dietary and hygienic treatment of metabolic syndrome

Nutrition of endurance athletes


  • Mechanisms of muscle energetics
  • Nutrition during training
  • Energy requirements and fitness weights – practical aspects

Additional services


Just because you are resetting to a healthy diet doesn’t

you need to be hungry or eating boring food!

According to your pathology and goals, I weekly send you menus,

menus, a complete shopping list (with a helpful substitution guide)

and all the recipes needed (adapted to your cooking level).

You will get your materials delivered to your inbox.


To lead a healthier life, I offer healthy cooking classes

On the following topics:
– How to cook healthy and tasty recipes according to your pathology
– How to fix healthy and balanced picnics
– How to cook balanced vegetarian meals
– How to cook veggies for little kids and teenagers
-How to carry out healthy and gourmet holiday meals (Christmas meals, …)

You will learn various cooking techniques as well as dietetic and nutrional interests of several food.


The advice you need

Let’s go together to the supermarket: to learn how to:

– Read labels

– Avoid marketing’s traps

– Adapt your basket to your goals (weight, diabetes, cholesterol…).

I may also come home to inventory and analyse your cupboards and fridge contents.