Who i am ?

  • Dietitian - Nutritionist - State graduate

My specific areas of expertise:


  • Overweight and obesity Adult and Child
  • Pre-operative nutritional assessment and post-operative follow-up: obesity surgery – gastroplasty
  • Nutrition and cancer: alleviating undernutrition; how to eat during treatments; hormone therapy
  • Rebalancing food, weight loss
  • Eating disorders


My experience and non-liberal activities :


  • ObEP PACA Project Manager (Prevention and management of pediatric obesity – Nice CHU / Fondation Lenval)
  • Dietitian – coordinator for the PACA Obepedia plan (Management of severe and / or complex pediatric obesity – Nice – CSO / Lenval Foundation)
    (CSO = Center Overweight and Obesity – CHU Nice L’Archet 2)
  • Practice in oncology (Center Antoine Lacassagne – Nice). Member of the city-hospital network for “Nutrition and Cancer” care: ONCODIETS


Studies / specialization in progress :


  • BTS of dietitian – Nutrition D.E.
  • DU in Human Nutrition led by Professor Xavier Hébuterne – Faculty of Medicine – Nice
  • Pediatric Obesity IUD, Public Health Approaches, led by Professor Maïté Tauber – Faculty of Medicine – Toulouse


Others works ans experiences:


  • Author of monthly articles and recipes specific for endurance athletes on behalf of the sports nutrition brand: “ATLET” https://atletnutrition.com
  • Nutrition expert “wellness” program at the Coopervision laboratory
  • 4 years of experience in cooking school, with the help of numerous famous chefs (Alain Ducasse, Michel Sarran, Keisuke Matsushima, Nicolas Masse, Bernard Bach, Gérard Guarrigues, Lionel Lévy, Christophe Felder …)

My philosophy

Our food should not taste like medecine on
the pretext of contributing to our health !

Healthy meals can be delicious, tasty and.

You ca't imagine how healthy food can be
tasty and satisfying too !!!

My commitments

Listening to you in order to find the origin of your eating disorder

Set achievable, measurable and scalable goals

Improve your health and well-being through food education

Offer you a specific, tailor-made, scalable program

Visible long-term results

Permanent support by e-mail or sms between two consultations

Simple and complete food programs, adapted to your tastes and lifestyle

Give taste and flavor to your diet so that it remains fun