Why consult ?

When we think of the reasons why we might consult a dietitian, we most often think of weight loss. However, several other reasons may justify a consultation

Nutritional education

Rediscovering a harmonious silhouette to alleviate the pathologies associated with overweight and obesity (diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc.). Manage eating behavior disorders.

Nutrition of the child

Help children to modify their behaviors both in terms of food, physical activity and sleep (no restrictive diet !!!)

Nutrition and cancer

Learn to overcome the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Fight under nutrition or cope with hormone- induced weight gain.

Endurance sports and nutrition

Know how to adapt your diet to the physiological needs induced by the different training phases. Define the competition’s nutritional strategy.

Who am i ?

Dietitian – Nutritionist – State graduate

Specialist in the management of adult / child obesity

Project Manager Obep PACA (Prevention and management of pediatric obesity - Nice CHU / Fondation Lenval)

Dietitian - coordinator for the Obépédia PACA plan

Member of the ``City - Hospital`` network for Nutrition and Cancer care: ONCODIETS

Member of APOP, of the CNRéPPOP Dietetic Think Tank

AFDN and ADL affiliate

Additional services

services plus
Dietetic cooking course

Cooking classes to lead a healthier life

Food purchases's coaching

Advices you need. I can also come to your home to make an inventory of the contents of your fridge and cupboards together with all the explanations you need.

Menus and recipes

Just because you want to eat healthy doesn't mean you need to be hungry or eat a boring and tasteless diet!

Last recipes

Velouté de cresson au haddock
Salade de quinoa, fenouil et fraise
filet mignon de porc à la rhubarbe et aux fraises
salade de poulpe

Answers to your questions

Are diets effective ?

Interview with Jean-Philippe Zermati – Psychotherapist and Nutritionist – Co-founder of G.R.O.S by Rémy Dybowski Douat (LSD – France Culture)

All the studies affirm that the diets do not allow to lose weight durably; we notice losses over 2 – 3 years with, then, weight gain, and with, in 40% of cases a weight rebound. We have known all this for 60 years! So, there can no longer be any discussion of diets effectiveness in the medium and long term.

The rule in a diet is to eat less by establishing mental control; No one can hold this out over time (it’s physiologically almost impossible). How to eat less without instituting this type of control ? Fighting the urge to eat deteriorates all the brain systems that regulate the urge to eat. The more you struggle, the more the urge increases. The solution: focus on the person. What prevents to experience a pleasure able to remove this desire. Generally, it is that she is not allowed to eat what she really likes; either she was not attentive, or she could not eat it with serene pleasure (fear, guilt …). As if pleasure does not work. We can also talk about the problem of screens and distractors in our brain, the stories we can tell about the meal (Kcal, can I, is it fatty, too sweet for me …?). It captures attention in a very powerful way and prevents you from going back on eating sensations. There is a feeling of satiation only if attention is focused on eating sensations.

Cancer: should we limit sugar ?

The element that mainly nourishes the tumor, but also the body (and especially our brain), is sugar. However, even without sugar ingestion, both will adapt: sugar stores will be used just like other sources of energy for the body. “Starving the tumor” is therefore a false message and can be dangerous by weakening the body, which needs energy to fight cancer.

Food supplements: useful to fight against cancer ?

Any intake of food supplements without medical prescription is to be avoided. In the event of a medically proven deficiency, they can be prescribed. An overdose of vitamins, minerals or antioxidants involves risks: it can reduce the effectiveness of treatments or even worsen the consequences of cancer. In addition, food supplements can modify the action of conventional drugs and cause significant side effects.

Garlic, ginko, valerian, ginseng...: a better tolerance of cancer treatements?

Garlic could have a preventive effect. However, during cancer, it does not seem to have any influence on the development of the tumor. It would even reduce the effect of certain types of treatments or increase their toxicity.

Ginko may reduce damage to blood vessels caused by chemotherapy, but it may increase the toxicity of some of them. It would also have antioxidant properties, but its consumption during radiotherapy is strongly discouraged, because this treatment seeks to destroy cancer cells by oxidizing them.

Valerian is said to relieve sleep disorders and has antioxidant properties. Like gingko, it would interfere dangerously with certain chemotherapies and should not be consumed during radiotherapy because of its antioxidant properties.

Ginseng seems to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and fatigue. However, it would increase the toxicity of some of them and promote the growth of hormone-dependent cancers.


  • Initial consultation

  • 1 hour to 1 hour and half
  • 40 € Students

    40 € job seekers

  • Follow-up

  • 30 à 45 min
  • 30 € students

    30 € job seekers

  • Consultation oncologie

  • Oncology consultations
  • Initial = 40 €

    Follow-up= 30 €